新加坡「Startups in Asia 2012」創業比賽介紹

Justaple: Social Bookmarking For Reading With Buddies

TECH IN ASIA |撰文者:Steven Millward


With an iPhone app and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, Justaple is a Taiwanese startup that aims to surpass the likes of Delicious, Instapaper, and Read It Later as a very connected, social bookmarking service.

Justaple's pitch here at Startup Arena 2012. Click to enlarge.

Justaple rips and saves your entire saved page – with the addition of videos in a future update – so that your collection will be totally searchable. It also means that broken links will not be an issue. The main differentiator is that your catalog of saved pages can be collected in unison with friends, and made either public or private.

Co-founder George Chiu (pictured right) just pointed out, giving his pitch here at our Startup Asia event, that it’ll soon allow users to actively discuss their saved items in the future, making it all into a sort of Oprah’s book club – except for webpages.

The Justaple iPhone app, a free download, allows offline reading as well as syncing of your saved stuff across mobile and desktop.

In the pitch, Justaple’s George looks to a coming implementation of ads based on keywords so that there’s a freemium option for casual users, as well as a pro version with a touted price of US$10 per month to unlock a lot more cloud storage space.

Take a look at the Justaple homepage and grab the app and browser extensions.